New Server

After more failures in the old NERP server I finally gave up and migrated all the data to the new server. The new machine is a VPS hosting system with lots of capacity.

Please let me know ASAP if you are missing any files or software.

Disk crash

A disk in the server had been acting up for a couple days. This morning it got so bad that it crashed and took out the disk controller. This caused damage to the data in the rest of the array. I finally have things mostly fixed, but I will be contacting a few users that have lost data from their home directories. I have some backup data, and will attempt to restore as much as I can.

OpenID support now supports OpenID. If you want to use a website that needs OpenID, or you want to create a website to allow OpenID, you can use

Domainkeys support

I've added domainkeys email spoofing protection support to NERP. If you would like me to enable it for your domain, please email me.

Like pine? Try alpine!

Development on pine is dead, long live alpine! Alpine is a fork of the pine code under the Apache license. It has much better UTF-8 support. Give it a try and let me know how you love/hate it.

Update: I have upgraded Alpine to the new 1.0 release. I have also changed the global pine/alpine configuration to use IMAP access to prevent multi-access problems with webmail and pine. It will now prompt you for your NERP login and password when you first startup the program.

BitlBee Upgraded

I have upgraded BitlBee to the lastest 1.1.1dev version. This version has much improved Jabber client support. For those who don't know, BitlBee is an awesome IRC to IM client. You can connect any IRC client to localhost:6668 on chef and setup your IM settings.

You can read more about it here:

Upgrade Downtime: 2007-07-08

I will be taking chef down for a few hours to do regular maintenance and software upgrades on Sunday, July 8, 2007.

UPDATE: I will be starting the upgrade at 7:00pm CDT.

Anti-Spam Projects

I'm going to start working on more anti-spam stuff for NERP soon. I'm looking into various options to help reduce the spam. The first thing I have done is to start adding SPF templates to reduce the spoofing of email. Unfortunately this will require people using domains protected by SPF to send mail through chef. If you need help setting up mail clients to use chef, just email me, or send me an IM.

More Website Updates

Whee, Drupal 5!

I also added the latest RoundCube webmail back as a Beta WebMail.

Power Outage

A breaker triped in the datacenter, and drained the UPS cologeeks is on. All the cologeeks machines got rebooted. *sigh*


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